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improved zsh completion script

bfrSat Jan 24 21:43:14 UTC 2015

Fixed error message for invalid http repos.

netogalloWed Jan 14 10:03:24 UTC 2015

issue822: Generalized the IO Type for better error messages and exception handling

netogalloMon Jan 5 20:58:23 UTC 2015

rolled back some accidental changes to messages and comments

These changes were made in 88a1662536df56fca0e315ba145129fc2bd896db

bfrThu Jan 8 17:32:32 UTC 2015

Make more of an effort to encode output correctly

Add a new parameter to control how to encode output. This is really just a sticking plaster on top of an existing mess.

See issue1693 for more discussion of this.

ganeshWed Dec 31 20:11:38 UTC 2014

support GHC 7.10/base 4.8

ganeshWed Dec 31 17:08:41 UTC 2014

resolve Issue2411: ignore swap moves with --look-for-moves

it was an extreme case anyway, and it made move detection very slow in common cases

ghSat Dec 13 23:48:40 UTC 2014

rename 'rebase changes' to 'rebase log'

ganeshFri Dec 12 22:46:41 UTC 2014

Rename the 'utf8' test to 'latin9-input'

This better describes what it does, as it is checking that patch metadata input in a latin9 locale is correctly handled by darcs.

ganeshThu Dec 11 11:00:32 UTC 2014

patch index: change order of on-disk pids

this way we don't have to reverse the pids list all the time

ghFri Dec 12 00:26:47 UTC 2014

check on-disk version of patch index at right place

ghThu Dec 11 22:38:32 UTC 2014

patch index: adapt removePidSuffix to the new order of pids

ghFri Dec 12 00:01:03 UTC 2014

need to un-reverse the pids for the patch-index-test

ganeshWed Dec 10 23:03:43 UTC 2014

remove execSSH unused since removal of the put command

ghTue Dec 9 23:36:36 UTC 2014

always compile with mmap support

hashed-storage was requiring it unconditionally anyway

ganeshFri Dec 5 18:21:32 UTC 2014

remove redundant import

ghThu Nov 27 23:39:08 UTC 2014

Use darcsdir instead of literal "_darcs"

Lancelot SIXTue Nov 25 22:41:18 UTC 2014

Suggest creating the initial git.marks in the incremental fast-export example

Otherwise the first run fails because git complains with a fatal error, "cannot read 'git.marks'" (but it creates it anyway...).

leleTue Nov 25 21:22:48 UTC 2014

Use a double end-of-line to separate the patch name from the log in fast-export

Git assumes that the "first line" of the changelog (i.e. what it shows with `git log --oneline') is separated from the long description by a double carriage return.

leleTue Nov 25 21:13:55 UTC 2014

Fix the git fast-import options in the incremental example

As of git 2.1.3 the git-fast-import command implements its own simplicistic command line options parser: it does not recognize the "--import-marks foo" but only "--import-marks=foo".

leleTue Nov 25 21:28:22 UTC 2014

resolve issue2422: drop unneeded LambdaCase extension

It's not supported by GHC 7.4

ganeshTue Nov 25 18:44:41 UTC 2014

use the strict state monad for working with PatchIndex

This allows applyPatchMods to consume a list of patches incrementally, otherwise the entire list of patches is kept around until it finishes.

It also seems like a reasonable change for any other code that works on a PatchIndex, as there's no particular value in it being lazy.

ganeshMon Nov 24 18:08:20 UTC 2014

maintain the list of PatchIds inside the PatchIndex structure

This should make it easier to build the two together incrementally

ganeshMon Nov 24 18:07:39 UTC 2014

Keep the PatchId list in reversed order in memory

This is preparatory for a further patch that builds it up incrementally.

ganeshMon Nov 24 17:59:58 UTC 2014

Move the handling of individual PatchMods into applyPatchMods

This also pushes the 'nubSeq' call to only operate on the [PatchMod]. This should make no difference as the PatchIds would be unique anyway, and it makes the behaviour of applyPatchMods more compositional with respect to individual patches.

ganeshWed Nov 19 17:45:06 UTC 2014

make Darcs.Util.Path.normPath cheaper on well formed paths

ghWed Nov 19 20:18:03 UTC 2014

make Darcs.Util.Path.decodeWhite cheaper on paths that do not need it

ghWed Nov 19 17:40:03 UTC 2014

remove unused FileName related function

ghWed Nov 19 17:09:14 UTC 2014

In CommandControl, push the existential down into the alternatives

bfrFri Nov 14 18:29:40 UTC 2014

resolve conflicts

ganeshTue Nov 18 07:11:31 UTC 2014