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Fix error messages for V1/V2 jobs in Darcs.Repository.Job

notdanFri May 8 15:55:01 UTC 2015

Generalize Darcs.UI.Commands.Dist.doFastZip

The new doFastZip' function can now create zip archives from arbitrary located repositories; does not write the result to the file immediately.

notdanThu May 7 13:58:12 UTC 2015

resolve issue2449: use new hook in shelly to handle test output as binary

ganeshSun May 3 10:43:30 UTC 2015

remove permission workaround in release.sh

It got fixed in Cabal 1.10: https://github.com/haskell/cabal/issues/719

ghFri May 1 21:53:31 UTC 2015

TAG 2.10.0

ghSun Apr 19 20:07:05 UTC 2015

fix test flags in release script

ghSat Apr 18 20:19:04 UTC 2015

add missing hashed-storage extra files

ghSat Apr 18 20:18:49 UTC 2015

hashed-storage: replace C SHA256 bindings with external libraries

ghSat Apr 18 19:42:15 UTC 2015

NEWS for darcs 2.10.0

ghSat Apr 18 17:03:09 UTC 2015

resolve issue2102: document packs in help of clone and optimize http

help string suggestions by Mark Stosberg

ghSat Apr 18 15:44:22 UTC 2015

resolve issue2448: enable -h/--hash flag for the diff command

Gian Piero CarrubbaMon Apr 6 14:46:39 UTC 2015

Add --from-hash/--to-hash options

Using the hash as identifier is much more comfortable and less error prone than a regexp matching the patch name.

Gian Piero CarrubbaMon Apr 6 14:24:29 UTC 2015

mention a couple of `convert export` limitations in help string

ghThu Apr 16 18:21:42 UTC 2015

correctly take advantage of read-only cache locations

ghMon Apr 6 22:00:09 UTC 2015

add debug messages and comments to Darcs.Repository.Cache

ghSun Apr 5 20:48:42 UTC 2015

resolve issue2421: don't fail if caches are not writeable

ghSun Apr 5 20:02:14 UTC 2015

enable creating parent dirs so that copyFileUsingCache fails less often

ghSun Apr 5 04:38:47 UTC 2015

fix cloning with --lazy --tag .

ghFri Apr 3 20:47:48 UTC 2015

faster network clone test using smaller repo

ghThu Apr 2 17:11:37 UTC 2015

port test harness to cmdargs and shelly

ghTue Mar 31 04:25:34 UTC 2015

remove unused color flag in darcs.cabal

It should have been removed by this patch from 2009: "Resolve issue1366: remove unreachable code for direct ncurses use".

ghTue Mar 24 18:48:40 UTC 2015

fast-export: rewriting single dots in tags was unneeded

ghFri Mar 20 20:38:32 UTC 2015

resolve issue2446: in fast-export delete dirs before dumping contents

ghFri Mar 20 20:27:02 UTC 2015

resolve issue2433: fix help strings of send and fetch

ghTue Mar 17 20:16:49 UTC 2015

clarify rollback help string

ghTue Mar 17 19:55:10 UTC 2015

resolve issue2420: commandGetArgPossibilities for apply should not list all files in the repo

bfrTue Mar 10 20:03:32 UTC 2015

use die instead of fail in Darcs.UI.RunCommand

bfrTue Mar 10 11:58:16 UTC 2015

added die action to Darcs.Util.Exception as a replacement for fail

It is commonly agreed upon that fail is an ugly wart in the Monad class and should not be used for serious programs. Its only sensible justification is to support de-sugaring of do blocks with failing pattern matches.

bfrTue Mar 10 11:54:23 UTC 2015

Darcs.UI.Defaults: upper case initial letter in error messages

This brings it in line with how messages in Darcs are formatted elsewhere.

bfrSat Mar 7 12:25:46 UTC 2015

purify Darcs.UI.Defaults, fixing two problems on the way

The IO that was in Darcs.UI.Defaults has been moved to the caller (Darcs.UI.RunCommand.runCommand). This allows us to fix a regression: relative paths given as option arguments in defaults files were not resolved with respect to the same working directory as when giving the option on the command line. The ordering constraints of commandPrereq vs. getGlobal/getPreflist are now concentrated in one place and documented.

Some changes related to errors and how to report them are also included in this patch since it would have been difficult to record them separately:

  • applyDefaults no longer stops on the first error, instead accumulates all errors and returns them together with the result in a pair. This makes it easy to postpone the actual failure to a point after the standard command actions (--help, --list-options, --disable) have been handled. Which in turn fixes a problem with the generalized contrib/_darcs.zsh.

  • replacing use of unlines with (intercalate "") when concatenating error messages avoids many uses of the ugly chompTrailingNewline

  • error messages returned by getOpt and those generated by applyDefaults are now in the same format

bfrSun Feb 22 21:14:01 UTC 2015