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switch hashed-storage-test to be a proper test harness

This required fixing Setup.lhs to pass custom CPP defines to test suites, as the standard Cabal library function for setting them up only applies them to libraries and executables.

ganeshWed Apr 23 06:20:48 UTC 2014

dumb merge of hashed-storage.cabal etc into darcs.cabal

Lots of opportunities for further cleanups but this should come as close as possible to replicating the behaviour of the separate cabal file.

ganeshTue Apr 22 17:55:40 UTC 2014

drop NoMonomorphismRestriction from hashed-storage

ganeshTue Apr 22 06:09:02 UTC 2014

Add a test for all combinations of path status for darcs move

owstTue Apr 22 16:22:35 UTC 2014

resolve issue2365: correctly copy pristine in no-working-dir clones

This patch makes Darcs.Repository.HashedIO.copyHashed take a flag that tells whether a clean working copy should be created while pristine is copied.

ghTue Apr 22 18:24:36 UTC 2014

rename copyRepo to copyHashedInventory, separate copySources

ghMon Apr 21 12:26:19 UTC 2014

only print once repository renaming message when cloning

ghFri Apr 11 20:28:14 UTC 2014

maybeIdentifyRepository: report missing _darcs directory right away

ghFri Apr 11 19:07:47 UTC 2014

no longer make put autocomplete on known repos

ghTue Apr 8 19:06:03 UTC 2014

rename setDefaultrepo to addRepoSource and haddock it

ghTue Apr 8 18:39:34 UTC 2014

resolve issue2379: only use packs to copy pristine when up-to-date

When creating packs, save pristine hash to _darcs/packs/pristine If basic pack is outdated, do not fetch it, but fetch patches pack anyway. In Darcs.Repository, separate functions between the ones that fetch basic repository and complete repository (packed or not), and separate function that clones old-fashioned repositories.

ghSat Apr 19 20:06:43 UTC 2014

don't advertise GHC 7.8 support until http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2364 is fixed

ganeshSat Apr 19 16:32:36 UTC 2014

resolve issue2367: rename amend-record to amend, make --unrecord more visible

also rename amend flag --add to --record

ghThu Apr 10 16:49:24 UTC 2014

resolve issue1987: Garbage collection for inventories and patches.

mdiazWed Apr 9 22:30:09 UTC 2014

Accept issue1987: regression tests for garbage collection for

inventories and patches.

mdiazWed Apr 9 01:12:18 UTC 2014

fix warning in Record

ghTue Apr 8 19:13:04 UTC 2014

Resolve Issue1416: put log files in tempdir instead of in working dir.

The temporary files are found in darcs. For the commands amend-record, record and tag, the temp file is patchdescription.txt and is persistent, ie always have the last message whether failed or not the command. For send, we use two files, darcs-send for the editing and darcs-send.final for the backup. If all is ok, the files are removed.

alegadeaTue Apr 8 16:45:28 UTC 2014

Accept issue2365: whatsnew fails in repos made w get --no-working-dir

ghSun Mar 30 18:19:49 UTC 2014

polish help string on get --set-strings-executable

ghTue Mar 25 15:13:48 UTC 2014

Resolve Issue2263: Option --set-scripts-executable is not properly documented

alegadeaSat Mar 22 23:21:56 UTC 2014

eliminate withRepoReadLock obsolete since old-fashioned deprecation

ghMon Mar 17 01:58:44 UTC 2014

conditionally use local copy of Data.Map.Strict in Darcs.Repository.Util

This is needed for building with containers<0.5, e.g. on Debian stable

ganeshSun Mar 16 14:47:49 UTC 2014

pandoc-ize README and remove mention of old flags and warnings

ghSun Mar 2 18:52:17 UTC 2014

resolve issue2357: switching to regex-compat-tdfa for unicode support

co-danFri Feb 14 12:54:59 UTC 2014

A shell test for `whatsnew --interactive`

co-danSat Feb 8 14:11:37 UTC 2014

hashed-storage: GHC 7.8 build fix

ganeshSat Feb 8 11:57:47 UTC 2014

support GHC 7.8 and various assorted other version bumps

The MAPI symbol change seems to be needed for the new gcc

ganeshSat Feb 8 10:37:09 UTC 2014

resolve issue851: interactive mode for whatsnew

co-danFri Feb 7 11:00:51 UTC 2014

Cleaning up the headers in WhatsNew and SelectChanges

co-danFri Feb 7 10:59:11 UTC 2014

drop support for GHC 7.0/7.2

ganeshFri Feb 7 20:21:57 UTC 2014