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#38Working directory and current file

Sifflet should have some sense of its working directory, for convenience of opening and saving files

O: 2012 july 2 R: gdw P: medium

  • 2013 July 17. Remembering the initial working directory, as well as a current working directory which can change, would also support a better fix for issue #50.

    • summary changed to "Working directory and current file"

    And while we're tracking directory state, why not also the currently open file (or files), if any, and display it (them?) on the workspace window title bar?

  • 2013 July 24. Sifflet uses the initial working directory to try to locate data files if the standard directory does not contain the data files.

    • status set to closed

    Fixed 2013 July 25 in sifflet-devel.