Bindings to Graphviz for graph visualisation. (


% Haskell bindings to the Graphviz toolkit
% Ivan Lazar Miljenovic

The graphviz Library

The graphviz library provides bindings to the Graphviz graph
visualisation suite of tools for the purely functional programming
language Haskell. It can be downloaded from HackageDB or - if you
have cabal-install - installing it is as simple as:

cabal update
cabal install graphviz

Library features

Main features of the graphviz library include:

  • Almost complete coverage of all Graphviz attributes and syntax.

  • Support for specifying clusters.

  • The ability to use a custom node type.

  • Functions for running a Graphviz layout tool with all specified
    output types.

  • The ability to not only generate but also parse Dot code with two
    options: strict and liberal (in terms of ordering of statements).

  • Functions to convert FGL graphs and other graph-like data
    structures to Dot code - including support to group them into
    clusters - with a high degree of customisation by specifying which
    attributes to use and limited support for the inverse operation.

  • Round-trip support for passing an FGL graph through Graphviz to
    augment node and edge labels with positional information, etc.

graphviz is free software licensed under a 3-Clause BSD License.

(C) 2008 Matthew Sackman

(C) 2008 - onwards Ivan Lazar Miljenovic

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