Purpose and scope

Games ebuilds, nothing else. No libraries.


  • no games.eclass usage
  • proper Copyright header (not just Gentoo Foundation, unless you want to give them copyright)
  • license should be GPL-2
  • all commits MUST be gpg-signed
  • always provide a metadata.xml with contact information

Adding the overlay

With paludis: see Paludis repository configuration

With layman: layman -f -o -a games-overlay or layman -a games-overlay

Signature verification

All commits on the first parent (at least) are signed by me. You can verify the repository via:

[ -z "$(git show -q --pretty="format:%G?" $(git rev-list --first-parent master) | grep -v G)" ] && echo "verification success" || echo "verification failure"

If the verification failed, you can examine which commits did via

git show -q --pretty="format:%h %an %G?" $(git rev-list --first-parent master) | grep '.* [NBU]$'

Compatibility with gentoo tree

As this overlay does not use games.eclass it does voluntarily conflict with the gentoo tree. There are a few cases that can cause trouble, e.g. when a data-package of game foo is installed from gentoo tree, but the engine of foo is installed from this overlay.

Normally this does not happen, because overlays have naturally a higher priority than the tree.

To improve compatibility, you can add the following to bashrc in paludis or make.conf in portage:


If you hit trouble with some packages you can simply force reinstallation of all installed gentoo-packages that are also provided by this repository. For paludis do:

cave resolve -z -1 -x $(eix --only-names --installed-from-overlay gentoo --in-overlay games-overlay)

For portage do:

emerge -av1 $(eix --only-names --installed-from-overlay gentoo --in-overlay games-overlay)