darcs repository web UI and hosting app. This is the main darcsden trunk, which also runs hub.darcs.net. (http://hub.darcs.net)

#145darcsden feed

I've started working on this a little already but I thought I should open an issue here for the records and discussion.

With pattern matching the feed should be filtered by the following attributes using checkboxes or something:

  • darcsden-instance-wide changes
  • user-wide repo changes
  • repo-wide changes
  • upstream branch changes
  • downstream branch changes
  • issue changes for the above

When logged-in show the feed on the front page ( http://hub.darcs.net/ ) instead of showing the FAQ. Move the FAQ under a help button next to the settings button.

Because darcs is not history-centric it would be nice for the darcsden feed to work like an interactive camp-view. There are some graphical arrows already with the "merge selected" ui.

  • Here are some things I'd love to see:

    Repo feeds: - patches applied (ie, the changes view) - issues created

    Site feeds: - repos created and maybe: - patches applied (all repos) - issues created (all repos)

    Discoverability: - for each feed, a feed icon, link, and HTML meta tags in a suitable place (changes page, issues page, front page)

  • PS also feeds should be efficient to serve.

  • @sm regarding the feeds' load on the server, my strategy for keeping the feeds efficient is to avoid having the server sort all the patchsets on darcshub on page load hahas.

    I just merge one pageful of updates from selected channels and assume that they are already sorted.

  • Hopefully you won't end up doing a bunch of work that I callously reject. So let me say that I think most/all feeds should be cached as static files.

    Focussing on the repo patch feed: I have an old script that generates this, saving it as _darcs/feed.xml or similar; I could dig it up if you need. Then the question is when to run it. It could be done from darcsden, wherever patches are changed (push, merge, obliterate, darcsden-ssh..). Or possibly it could be done at a lower level, by setting --posthook for apply, obliterate etc. in _darcs/prefs/defaults, if libdarcs obeys that. This would have to be arranged for all repos of course.

  • Initial news feed support: http://hub.darcs.net/pointfree/darcsden-feed-couchdb/patch/4edafd3199acdd5353c3867e812c860e94bd6a50

    News feed items are stored in couchdb. News feed items for repo patches are generated by darcsden-post-hook The front page is replaced with the personal news feed when logged in. I'm thinking the current front page could then be moved to /faq or /help

    There's still more things to be done and improvements to make, but it's working.