Firefox extension for Org-capture (fork of oschwand's firefox-org-capture)  (



                        ORG-CAPTURE FOR FIREFOX


  This extension is a bridge between Firefox and [org-mode] trough

  It avoids the painful process of adding an handler for the
  `org-protocol://' scheme.




  - Hotkey (C-M-r or accel-alt-r in Firefox terms),
  - Open a new emacsclient window,
  - Configurable default template.


  See the AMO page:

  Or directly, using:
  - [file:org-capture-0.2.xpi]
  - [file:org-capture-0.1.xpi]


  If you just want to have a look to the source code, you may browse the
  repository on [].

  Get the sources with [darcs]:

  | darcs get

  And then, with the Firefox [sdk] enabled:

  | cd firefox-org-capture
  | make




  - The selection buffer for org-capture is not cleared when the
    selection is canceled in Firefox.
  - The button in the toolbar does not look like a button.
  - Disabling and enabling the extension is needed to take a change in
    the hotkey into account.


  Please send any comment or bug report to [Olivier Schwander].

  [Olivier Schwander]