A low level functional programming language based an idea of containers that define an immutable context (http://yig.bitpuffin.com)

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"C Yig Bootstrapping Intrepreter" is a yig interpreter written in
fully portable ANSI C. The interpreter is not intended to fully
support the Yig language, it's main purpose is to bootstrap the
compiler which will be written in Yig itself. The reason ANSI C was
chosen is because it is the most portable language available, it is
hard to come up with any operating system which does not support
it. Therefore, it is an invaluable tool for porting Yig to many

CYBI does not aim to be an optimized interpreter in any way. The main
goal is to have the code as simple as possible to avoid annoying bugs
when getting the language up and running. The real yig suite will
include among other things an optimized on the fly (JIT?) interpreter
to enable many planned Yig prototyping features.

To build CYBI you will likely need "mk" which is available in many
plan9 port thingies such as plan9port or 9base