Personal fork of the bait example program for Scintilla.



This is a 'hello world' program for Scintilla originally written by Neil Hodgson. I've modified it to work with GTK+ 3 and my own system.

How to Build

  1. Download the LongTerm3 version of Scintilla. Scintilla 4 may work but I have not tested it.
  2. Create a directory and add subdirectories for bait and Scintilla. Make sure the directory for Scintilla is named scintilla exactly.
  3. From the gtk folder in Scintilla, run the GTK3=1 make command and wait for the process to finish.
  4. From the directory containing this program, run make again.
  5. If everything worked, run ./bait.



The original program did not state a license other than placing the Makefile in the public domain. Since this is an example program available from Scintilla's website, I have added the Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer license used by the rest of Scintilla.

Copyright © 2001, 2015 Neil Hodgson
Copyright © 2019 UltrasonicMadness