A shell script to make switching between the Debian Android SDK and the older Replicant SDK more seamless.


Kit Switcher


For this script to work, the Replicant SDK should be installed in /usr/local/lib/replicant-sdk/. Debian's Android SDK is available from Debian's software repository and should be installed this way.


Running Kit Switcher with no arguments launches a shell with the PATH modified to include the Replicant SDK before the current shell PATH, temporarily allowing the deprecated android command to run and refer to contemporary Android utilities and reverting to the current Debian version when this shell is exited. Trying to run Kit Switcher within this shell shows an error message since doing so is redundent.

For increased convenience, run make install as root in the folder with Kit Switcher so that it can be run from anywhere, simply as kitswitcher.


Kit Switcher is public domain software under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication.