Software for automated control of a Parrot AR. Drone


Ardrone_control readme
Copyright 2012 Ardrone_control authors. See AUTHORS file for details.
For license details please see the file COPYING which you should have received
with this code.

Ardrone_control is software designed to allow autonimous flight of a Parrot
ARdrone 2 (or later?). It concists of two main programs:
ardrone_atd - handles the AT command interface of the drone,
including the requirement for a watchdog command every few mili-seconds.
ardrone_controld - handles controlling the drone,
reads commands from stdin and outputs commands to stdout.

For more information about installing and running ardrone_control,
as well as information about the protocol used to communicate with the
ardrone_control software please see files under the doc directory.
To discuss ardrone_control, please use the ardrone_control google group.