An HTML parser and browser following functional ideals. (

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'mangrove' provides an HTML5-compatible parser for web documents, implemented in Haskell. In keeping with the immutable data paradigms, an emphasis has been placed on avoiding side effects and mutable structures rather than strictly following the official algorithms. The resulting document tree can be returned to willow to be styled and rendered.

This readme is rather sparse, as it has been written for a subfolder of the complete repository; for full info on the project, see the primary readme in either this directory, its parent, or the online host, whichever of those links may work.

Coverage reporting

Unfortunately, the invocation of hpc by cabal-install <= doesn't work properly when multiple packages are developed as part of the same project.
Until the next version is released, I recommend that you don't enable coverage reports for mangrove, in order for the tests themselves to run correctly.