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# Examples

If you would like to run the examples, first read [*"Running and
creating test cases (and

* [The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami](tsunami.c)
* [Coupled reaction–diffusion equations: the Brusselator](brusselator.c)
* [The complex Ginzburg--Landau equation](ginzburg-landau.c)
* [Decaying two-dimensional turbulence](turbulence.c)
* [Conway’s game of life](life.c)
* [Periodic wave propagation over an ellipsoidal shoal](shoal.c)
* [Breakup of a rectangular perturbation into a train of solitons](madsen.c)
* [Bénard–von Kármán Vortex Street for flow around a cylinder at
* [Vortex shedding behind a sphere at Re=300](sphere.c)
* [Atomisation of a pulsed liquid jet](atomisation.c)
* [Bubble rising in a large tank](bubble.c)
* [Forced isotropic turbulence in a triply-periodic box](isotropic.c)
* [Distance field computation from a 3D model](distance.c)
* [A Shallow Water Analogue for the Standing Accretion Shock

## Python interface

* [Decaying two-dimensional turbulence](
* [Poisson problem](

## See also

* [Test cases](/src/test/README)
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