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also use GADTSyntax in test harness, disable all extensions for executable

ghSat Feb 24 14:40:15 UTC 2018

resolve issue2563: create remote repo in correct format in ssh tests

bfrThu Feb 22 18:10:42 UTC 2018

replace GADTs extension by GADTSyntax and ExistentialQuantification

ghThu Feb 22 15:04:27 UTC 2018

resolve issue2565: create _darcs dir after searching for an existing one

bfrWed Feb 21 23:10:13 UTC 2018

tests: clean up darcs format testing

Removed the "#pragma repo-format..." lines as they seem useless. Replace manual tests for the repo format with calls to skip-format, where applicable. Removed restriction to darcs-1 or darcs-2 format where possible.

bfSun Oct 29 22:02:40 UTC 2017

tests: removed unneeded removals of test repos

bfSun Oct 29 21:56:07 UTC 2017

harness: simplify the defaults file

bfSun Oct 29 21:54:05 UTC 2017

resolve issue 2567: darcs whatsnew --unified

The culprit was patch 416f12b399c5fb1c64771302e80b54e68a40435c "clean up display of file names by separating display and storage of patches" and the solution is to rollback a small and insignificant part of that patch.

bfSun Feb 18 19:08:33 UTC 2018

accept issue2567: darcs whatsnew --unified

bfSun Feb 18 18:44:04 UTC 2018

resolve issue2566: avoid renaming across file systems

The trick is to create the temporary directory in the same place where we want to create the final directory. Previously it was created in the current directory, which could result in crashes when the final directory is on a different file system. Note that we must use takeDirectory from the native System.FilePath, else this would fail on Windows.

bfSun Feb 18 13:36:20 UTC 2018

resolve issue2564: delete wrong and irrelevant propConcatPS

ghThu Feb 15 19:06:57 UTC 2018

move back strings from Darcs.UI.Message.Send to Darcs.UI.Commands.Send

ghFri Feb 9 17:12:18 UTC 2018

resolve issue2559: remove trailing empty lines in patch header edition

ghSat Feb 10 00:05:38 UTC 2018

no longer use -fno-warn-dodgy-imports and fix dodgy imports

ghFri Feb 9 19:09:27 UTC 2018

we no longer have redundant constraints warning to silence

ghFri Feb 9 18:53:11 UTC 2018

t/show_files: add tests checking 'show files' with a rebase in progress

gpieroMon Jan 29 17:07:22 UTC 2018

Resolve issue2536: mask out internal matchers in `show files` routing logic

Avoid croaking out when an user issues a show files without matching options when a rebase is in progress.

gpieroMon Jan 29 08:05:56 UTC 2018

t/n/issue1932-remote.sh: avoid spurious fail when http_proxy is set

gpieroMon Jan 8 13:57:34 UTC 2018

adapt transfer-mode test to new debug message arguments escaping

ghWed Feb 7 21:27:44 UTC 2018

Include <extra_dependencies> element in XML schema

gpieroMon Jan 15 16:18:18 UTC 2018

Include extra dependencies in the output of `log -s --xml`

gpieroFri Jan 12 17:50:58 UTC 2018

Include extra dependencies in the output of `log -s --human`

gpieroThu Jan 4 08:33:19 UTC 2018

Show extra dependencies in `log -v` similarly to patch primitives

gpieroWed Jan 3 22:23:34 UTC 2018

Resolve issue2555: include explicit dependencies in the output of `log -v`

gpieroWed Jan 3 22:16:24 UTC 2018

remove pre-cabal flag DISABLE_TESTING part 2

ghWed Jan 24 13:19:16 UTC 2018

remove pre-cabal flag DISABLE_TESTING

ghMon Jan 22 13:52:15 UTC 2018

remove useless RepoPatch class restrictions in D.P.Bundle

ghSun Jan 21 21:15:24 UTC 2018

remove redundant Rank2Types extension

ghSun Jan 21 21:15:11 UTC 2018

Fix the --to-hash handling in darcs clone

gpieroTue Jan 2 07:10:21 UTC 2018

Resolve issue2545: prepend "--" to non-option arguments in ssh invocation

gpieroTue Jan 2 10:14:39 UTC 2018