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This is the source tree for darcs, a distributed version control system
written in Haskell.

For more information, visit the darcs web site:


Compilation and Installation

Darcs currently supports two build systems: a traditional autotools-
based system, and an experimental cabal-based system.  Currently
AUTOTOOLS IS RECOMMENDED; in later releases it will be deprecated and
eventually removed (in favour of cabal).

If a "configure" file is present, autotools is supported.  If a
"Setup.lhs" file is present, cabal is supported.  Currently there is a
separate source tarball for each build system; either can be used in
unstable checkouts.

Using Autotools

If you have the normal, autotools-based tarball, this sequence should work
for you (if you are in doubt, this is likely the case):

    $ ./configure
    $ make
    # make install

You first need to run `autoconf` if you obtained the source tree from the
darcs repository (but this is not needed for release tarballs).

For more information, please see the manual:

 * http://www.darcs.net/manual
 * doc/manual/darcs.ps

Using Cabal

This method requires the cabal package, version 1.6 or higher.  The
cabal-install package is also recommended.

If you have the "cabal-install" package on your system (that is, there
is a "cabal" executable in your path), you can use the following
commands to create an executable in ~/.cabal/bin/darcs.

    $ cabal configure
    $ cabal build
    $ cabal install

Otherwise, if you have the "cabal" package but not the "cabal-install"
package, run the following:

    $ runghc Setup configure
    $ runghc Setup build
    $ sudo runghc Setup install

You may also omit the last step and copy the darcs executable (found in
dist/build/darcs/darcs) to a location of your choosing.

More detailed instructions can be found at
including instructions on obtaining a copy of cabal-install.

Please also note that the cabal-based build by default requires the cURL
library (and development headers). If, for some reason, you cannot provide
cURL, please pass "-f-curl" to the configure step above.

For more information about darcs hacking and best practices please check
the darcs wiki at http://wiki.darcs.net/DarcsWiki

Of particular interest are the following documents:
  * http://wiki.darcs.net/index.html/DeveloperFAQ
  * http://wiki.darcs.net/index.html/DeveloperTips

For more information about the test suite, including how to run specific
tests please read tests/README.test_maintainers.txt.

Happy hacking!