I decided to just write my own music player


= Jonathan's Music Player

This Music Player is copyright © 2018 by Jonathan Cast, and is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later.

This software is $5/month to use. While, under US copyright law, I cannot force you to pay this, if you like this music player and enjoy using it, I ask you to please consider paying for the software you use.

This software is developed under the terms of https://github.com/jonathancast/open-developed-software , except that, for now, I reserve the right to make small changes to myself to meet my own needs.

However, feature requests, bug reports, patches, and PRs are not welcome from other users, unless you a) pay for the software and b) comply with the process outlined in that web page.

And, obviously, c) recognize that paying $5/month doesn't buy a lot of development time, and plan accordingly.

My time bills at $120/hr; if I actually get paying users for this, I will pay myself at $60/hr, and pay other developers at $30/hr for brand-new users, increasing by $3/hr per year of experience to a maximum of $60/hr. Billing will always be 2x what the developer gets paid, but I won't take profits from that; instead, I will use it to support the project as a whole and hire non-programmer employees (if it rises high enough).