#3Wir Fliegen (Overdrive x49_04.adx) replacement fails/stutters after 1 minute and 30 seconds

So I replaced the overdrive theme and it seemed to work until it stopped and stuttered after 1:30 seconds of playing. After looking in the cafiine server, I found that "[0] close(0)" appears exactly when the rest of the song fails. I assume 1:30 is the standard loop to the overdrive theme and I'm wondering if there is a way to increase the limit or prevent "close(0)" from occurring. Also, the song I was using to replace overdrive is 3:06 seconds long.

Server log: [0] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx (song starts) [0] fopen("/vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx", "r") = 0 [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080309.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/btl08150301.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/btl08150101.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080309.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul081401.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/btl08150401.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul081401.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul081501.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul081401.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul081501.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul081401.adx [0] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [0] close(0) (song stutters)

Also, Wir Fliegen is not a bad song, in fact, I like it. But I've heard a lot of it after fighting the nemesis and would like to change it. I probably wouldn't replace Wir Fliegen (overdrive) if it included the full loop. (The full song is almost 5 minutes long. What even!)

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  • I guess I never tested the overdrive theme too much, considering I've never stayed in overdrive for over ~20 seconds...

    As a random guess, could you try it again? The presence of close(0) makes it seem like a network error (e.g. connection drop) to me.

  • Yeah, I tried it again with an edited version of the song I made that stops right at 1:30. After activating overdrive in-game, there was no music after the song ended (after 1:30). Just silence. Another thing is that during the silence, the names of arts your character shouts out and soul voices are also muted. On another note, my Wii U is connected through ethernet so I don't know if that would make a difference or make it stronger. I have noticed that some songs simply play again as their own form of looping (like x15_00.adx) so I'm going to try looking into that. If you want to test this yourself, craft a few "Arts TP Up" augments and find some guides on how to sustain overdrive, but I guess I can keep testing it for you if you want.

  • Ha, I just realized that I had never actually added full support for the overdrive theme...might as well add it while fixing this, right? :)

    This might take me a bit, since my external HDD was recently wiped out (which contained a lot of my dev tools)...

    Meanwhile, if you try this ADX file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3RBF3Zy7CAXal9XcXJpTURaV1E does the song loop properly? If so, I'll probably just end up adding built-in overdrive support and unconditionally cutting down the song length to 1:28.

  • Cool, I'll try it out. I hope the support goes along nicely and R.I.P HDD.

  • Alright. Using the replacement you gave, the song still does not loop properly. Heres what the server says: [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx [4] fopen("/vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx", "r") = 0

    (Bunch of arts n' stuff that I used.)

    [4] close(0)

    I removed x49_04.adx from the bgm folder, tried it again and the song proceeded to loop. Another thing I noticed is after removing x49_04, x49_04 appears several times over the course of the 8 minuets with the nemesis I was fighting. (I was also fighting the Telethia Plume with three other people while testing with and without the adx file in the bgm folder). Heres what the server said (without x49_04 in bgm folder to clarify): [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx (Overdrive starts) [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/dw020049.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul080201.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/btl08150102.adx (a lot of arts between me and the others) [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080710.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080701.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/arts020711.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080711.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/soul021001.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx (Overdrive loops first time) [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080702.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul085024.adx (More arts above and below) [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080711.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/27/dw270011.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul081001.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/soul025024.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x54_00.adx (The Telethia Plume theme looping?) [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080711.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/arts020711.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/27/soul275024.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/btl08150102.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/arts020701.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080307.adx (Arts...) [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/27/btl27160301.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/arts020701.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080307.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/arts020102.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/soul021503.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080304.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080704.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/btl08150101.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul085028.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/27/dw270010.adx (You get it...) [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/arts020711.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/27/soul275024.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/arts020702.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x54_00.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul081001.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/arts020112.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/soul025024.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080701.adx (...) [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/arts020701.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080710.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/arts020702.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080702.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/27/dw270012.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/arts080701.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/arts020711.adx (...) [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/27/btl27130201.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul080901.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx (I think this is where I exited overdrive to enter a skell because he started reflecting ether, RIP) [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/27/soul275027.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/8/soul081001.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x77_00.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x77_00.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x77_00.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/voice/pc/us/2/btl02130201.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x15_01.adx [4] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x15_01.adx (Telethia battle has ended and the results screen is showing).

    I think the telethia theme is looping/playing during overdrive, but its volume is lowered. As overdrive is ending however, the volume of x54_00 fades in. So basically, when in overdrive, two songs are playing, but overdrive theme mutes the other song. One last thing is that both times I sustained overdrive through the whole time I was fighting the nemesis (unless otherwise stated).

  • Oh goodness. The wrapping on that last comment didn't work as well as I thought. Remember "[4]" is a new line on the server.

  • Nice! I'm not sure what you did... but it loops. Here's the log: [0] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx [0] fopen("/vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx", "r") = 0 (The above indicates the song actually being accessed) [0] close(0) [0] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx [0] fopen("/vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx", "r") = 0 (First loop starts here) [0] close(0) [0] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx [0] fopen("/vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx", "r") = 0 (Second time the song looped is here) [0] close(0)

    [0] /vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx [0] fopen("/vol/content/stream/bgm/x49_04.adx", "r") = 0

    [0] close(0) (I end the battle/song here)

    The gaps are areas where I deleted the arts like "/vol/content/stream/voice" ect. Additionally, Uncontrollable is notably audible (I was fighting a UM to test it this time).

  • Goodness, the wrapping is terrible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • I have to wonder...did you loop the first one that you tried (i.e. before filing this issue)? It seems odd to me that the game has the length of the song hard-coded, yet it still expects it to automatically loop... (Then again, this game's sound design is crap, so I shouldn't be surprised.)

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    Just released v0.4 with the fix. Let me know if anything doesn't work!