Provides missing Win32 API



This package provides missing features of Win32 package.

This should be part of Win32 package. But it seems that Win32 package is not active development now.

So, I made a separated package for solving today problem.

Out of scope features:

We don't plan to add these fucntionality, currently.

IOCP (I/O Completion Port)

If you want to use IOCP, use below package and network package's fork instead.

HackageDB's winio package is old. Don't use winio package.

Undocumented API

We don't assume OS supports undocumented API (in future). So, We don't provide that. If you want to use undocumented features, use separated packages instead.

COM and .NET

We don't plan to provide COM and .NET functionality. If you want to use COM or .NET, use below packages instead.



DirectSound and DirectX

Because these features require to support COM. If you want to use DirectSound, use DirectSound package instead. If you want to use DirectX, use dx9d3d or dx9d3dx package instead.


DirectX 9

Windows Installer

HackageDB already provides installer generator libraries. So, We don't plan to provide Windows Installer functionality, currently. If you want to write installer, use below packages instead.

  • nsis
  • bamse
    • This package depends on com package.

If you want to use more Win32 API functionality, you can use below packages.

Other packages' information

Cross platform packages