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#111patch viewing isn't working

Since today's deployment, viewing any patch fails, due to an unforeseen change in libdarcs and my being out of time today - sorry about that. Help if you can - see http://irclog.perlgeek.de/darcs/2014-10-08#i_9476530.

  • I think the right short-term fix for this is to call makeFilename (P.patch2patchinfo np) instead of P.patchname in makeList in DarcsDen.Handlers.RepoHandlerUtils.Changes (and not to make the other changes in your draft patch). This code is used to find patches in the '/renderedpatch' code, and this change makes it consistent with how patch ids are grabbed for generating the patch URLs elsewhere, see in particular toLog in the same file.

    I'm just trying this out but may not have time to finish it right now making notes so you can pick up on them if you have a chance.

    We should discuss the right hash format for a longer-term fix and how to manage the transition if we do change what darcsden uses.

  • I've tested this now, and added a patch "use makeFilename rather than patchname to lookup patches" in http://hub.darcs.net/ganesh/darcsden

    I can't link to it effectively :-)

    • status set to closed

    Awesome, thank you.

  • See #116 for future plans.