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#161darcsden should be AGPL rather than GPL

I consider this pretty much a bug. Using the GPL for SaaSS is simply useless, as anyone can take darcsden and host a proprietary service around it and claim that serving it over a network doesn't constitute distribution or use. In order to prevent this, darcsden should ideally be AGPL.

  • How would you get this done ? Personally I don't think it's worth the trouble in this case.

  • It's not much trouble. Changing the licence information to AGPL is technically enough (as you don't have to comply with the AGPL yourself, since it's your copyright). The second thing, which would be useful indeed (for derivatives), is to make sure darcsden serves its own source code.

    If you want an example, I do this in this package: https://github.com/plaimi/tempuhs-server/. Setup.hs makes a tarball of the present source code when building, which is then picked up as a data-file in tempuhs-server.cabal. I then just serve it on a GET request for "src" in src/Tempuhs/Server/Requests/Meta.hs.

  • It's not my copyright.. darcsden was created by Alex Suraci. Since then I and others have hacked on it with no copyright assignment.

  • That's an... unorthodox approach.

    As far as I understand the AGPL, you would effectively have one more step: ask Alex Suraci (is he the only copyright holder?) if he agrees to relicense it as AGPL.

  • GPLv3 is upwards compatible to AGPLv3. Permission to re-license the code is only required between incompatible licenses, so all you would need to do is change the license in your upstream copy.