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#177Closing issue on push failed

The change https://hub.darcs.net/fx/vc-darcs/patch/a4e99be13daeccda3d0bce83a2e7948f9a959af6 didn't close the issue, though it seems to have the right form.

  • darcsden-post-hook is working on my personal installation. @simon would need to build darcsden with --flag darcsden:posthook and create the following file:

    $ cat /home/darcsden/.darcs/defaults 
    apply      run-posthook
    pull       run-posthook
    record     run-posthook
    obliterate run-posthook
    apply      posthook     /home/darcsden/.local/bin/darcsden-post-hook
    pull       posthook     /home/darcsden/.local/bin/darcsden-post-hook
    record     posthook     /home/darcsden/.local/bin/darcsden-post-hook
    obliterate posthook     /home/darcsden/.local/bin/darcsden-post-hook

    Using /home/darcsden/.darcs/defaults makes darcsden-post-hook work for all users and repositories. I needed to use the absolute path /home/darcsden/.local/bin/darcsden-post-hook because the PATH environmental variable wasn't working inside supervisord.

    Once the patch bundles are exposed through the libdarcs API, darcsden-post-hook can be eliminated and this can all be done through darcsden-ssh.

  • Thanks for the report and helpful info!

    I think it might be fixed now (will test at next opportunity, or let me know).