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#187ssh server failed with Pattern match failure, user saw only Apply failed!

darcshub-ssh: user error (Pattern match failure in do expression at src/SSH.hs:280:5-10)

User alb was trying to push a new repo, and their ssh client was apparently misconfigured triggering this failure. The server should handle it more gracefully and in a way that the user gets a more useful error message.

albertito https://termbin.com/y621   is mine
albertito hmmm... why is it setting up the multiplex master socket when I am telling it not to in the config file?
albertito sigh... found it: the * stanza in the ssh config needs to be at the bottom, not the top
albertito it was basically https://serverfault.com/questions/408416/openssh-disable-controlmaster-for-given-hostname

(This issue probably belongs in the ssh repo but I darcs hub runs a modified ssh and I can't be sure of the right repo right now.)