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#36timed-out requests showing apache error page instead of hub's

When reducing apache's proxy timeout for #35 I did not make a corresponding change to darcsden's max request time, so timed-out requests are showing the apache error page rather than hub's. Adjusting darcsden's timeout sufficiently below apache's should fix this for most requests.

  • Not working because darcsden timeouts are currently not giving a proper error page:

     $ time curl -i http://hub.darcs.net:8900/darcs/darcs-reviewed/patches
     curl: (52) Empty reply from server
     real    0m10.129s
     user    0m0.005s
     sys     0m0.007s

    darcsden error.log:

     [26/Oct/2012:10:02:51 -0700] httpSession caught an exception during sending response phase:
     During processing of request from ...
     A web handler threw an exception. Details:
     thread killed
    • status set to closed

    Seems resolved.