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MCFM v10.1, CuTe-MCFM v1.1, January 2022

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Main MCFM authors: - John Campbell - Keith Ellis - Tobias Neumann - Ciaran Williams

See for a full list of contributors, a full list of processes and process references.

Please cite the infrastructural papers below when using MCFM and in addition any publication specific to the process you are using. When using qT resummation please refer to the code as CuTe-MCFM and cite the CuTe-MCFM paper.

CuTe-MCFM: - Thomas Becher - Tobias Neumann

Please see INSTALL for quick installation instructions, the manual on and the documents in Doc/ for more details.


  • Precision phenomenology with MCFM (MCFM 9.0) J. M. Campbell and T. Neumann, arXiv:1909.09117

  • An update on vector boson pair production at hadron colliders J.M. Campbell, R.K. Ellis, arXiv:hep-ph/9905386

  • Vector boson pair production at the LHC J. M. Campbell, R. K. Ellis and C. Williams, arXiv:1105.0020

CuTe-MCFM for qT resummation

  • Fiducial qT resummation of color-singlet processes at N3LL+NNLO Thomas Becher, Tobias Neumann, arXiv:2009.11437

MCFM uses the following libraries: - QCDLoop 2.0.5 (S. Carrazza, R.K. Ellis, G. Zanderighi) - Quad Double 2.3.22 (Y. Hida, X.S. Li, D.H. Bailey) - LHAPDF 6.2.3 (A. Buckley et al.) - hplog6 1.6 (T. Gehrmann, E. Remiddi) - amos - a package for Bessel functions of complex argument,