Vim config


To use the darcs-version of configs:

ln -s $HOME/.vim/vimrc $HOME/.vimrc
ln -s $HOME/.vim/gvimrc $HOME/.gvimrc


To install the modules, do `:BundleInstall`


If you know you have a 256 color terminal but can't seem to get it working.
Find a computer where it works with the same terminal and do 
`infocmp > tmpfile` which contains the termcap info. Then copy that file and
compile it with `tic tmpfile`

There are some problems with 256 terminal with colorschemes (zenburn
specifically). One problem I'm aware of is that `hi Include` does not work. I
have also tried fixing `hi ParenMatch` with close-by `ctermbg` and `ctermfg`
but, it is not perfect.