A quick programming challenge I came up with on the commute. Based on Nick Abbot's late night shows on LBC.


Offline Glasgow Weather Forecast

This is the result of a programming challenge I set myself while commuting on public transport one day. I did this as I had recently acquired a new phone running PostmarketOS which offers easy coding on the go.

The Challenge

Based on a running gag from Nick Abbot's late night radio shows, the challenge is to make a program which, when executed, states that it is raining today and tomorrow followed by named weekdays until it reaches the following week. The stated days must follow from the day of execution as shown below.

# Example output when run on a Friday:

Raining today	# i.e. Friday
Raining tomorrow	# i.e. Saturday
Raining on Sunday
Raining on Monday
Raining on Tuesday
Raining on Wednesday
Raining on Thursday


This program was made in good humour and no offence is intended. More accurate forecasts for Glasgow are available from a range of sources such as the Met Office.