Scripts to monitor battery status on a Linux computer using acpi


The battery monitor here consists of two files.  The "low_battery_warning" file adefines an acpi event and, on debian systems, should be placed in /etc/acpi/events (the placement of this directory on other systems may vary).
The script should be placedin /etc/acpi on debian systems (again, the placement on other systems may vary).  If these directories are not used, the path in the low_battery_warning event file needs to be altered.

The system works by telling acpi to run the script on
battery related events, and then the script gathers the battery information and
decides how to handle the event. Currently the script is set up to start
warning to the console (via wall) if the battery gets low,
and then hibernate the system (using pm-utils currently)
if the battery falls below a critical level. These levels are configurable.
Documentation of the configuration parameters for the script are provided as comments in the script itself.