a simple weightless neural network library in C


This library provides an implementation of a type of n-tuple weightless neural network.
The library requires that the user provides a tuple map and, currently,
that the user pre-processes the data.
All the source code is under src.

For licensing information please see the file COPYING.
For a list of authors please see the AUTHORS file.

For more information see files under the doc directory.


To build the library on systems with a version of make and a c compiler installed,  cd into the src directory and run:

You may want to look through the Makefile before building,
in particular you may need to change some of the macros to suit your system,
or you can override these on the command-line.


Simply run:
make install

This installs the library under /usr/local/lib by default, to install to a different location you can use the PREFIX and LIBDIR variables:
make install PREFIX=$HOME/usr

Would install in usr/lib under a user's home directory:
make install LIBDIR=lib64

Would install under /usr/local/lib64
make install PREFIX=$HOME/usr LIBDIR=lib64

Would install in usr/lib64 under the user's home directory.