Neovim darcs plugin


Darcs Gutter

DarcsGutter is a Neovim plugin that helps navigating and managing darcs hunks. It requires Neovim version 0.5 or higher. DarcsGutter never changes the working directory and only interprets output of the darcs whatsnew command. This information is used to update the |sign-column| and can also be used to populate the |quickfix| and |location-list| with information about unrecorded changes (including conflict markers).

Configuration Example

nnoremap <buffer><silent> [h :DarcsGutterPreviousHunk<cr>
nnoremap <buffer><silent> ]h :DarcsGutterNextHunk<cr>

if isdirectory("_darcs")
  augroup darcsgutter
    au BufRead,BufWritePost * DarcsGutterWhatsNew
  augroup end