Functions for splitting lists


Data.List.Split provides a wide range of strategies and a unified
combinator framework for splitting lists with respect to some sort of



  There are no dependencies other than the base package.
  Data.List.Split has been tested with versions of GHC from 6.8.3 up
  through 8.0.1.  It is completely Haskell2010 (probably also
  Haskell98) compliant, so it probably builds with other compilers as

  The Properties.hs file depends on QuickCheck >= 2.4, but you don't
  need it in order to build the library itself, only to run the tests.

Build with Cabal:

    cabal install

Building Haddock documentation (recommended):

    cabal haddock

  Once the documentation has been built, you can access it by 
  pointing your browser to dist/doc/html/split/index.html.

Running the tests:

  cabal configure --enable-tests && cabal build && cabal test