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This package contains a library and program for the creation,
management, and installation of schema updates (called "migrations")
for a relational database.  In particular, this package lets the
migration author express explicit dependencies between migrations and
the management tool automatically installs or reverts migrations
accordingly, using transactions for safety.

This package operates on two logical entities:

 - The "backend", which is the relational database whose schema you
   want to manage.

 - The "migration store" (or simply "store"), which is the collection
   of schema changes you want to apply to the database.  These
   migrations are expressed using plain text files collected together
   in a single directory, although the library is general enough to
   permit easy implementation of other storage backends for

Migration file format

While the "moo" management tool included in this package will create
new migration files for you, a description of the file format follows.

A migration used by this package is a structured document in YAML
format containing these fields:

   Description: (optional) a textual description of the migration

  Dependencies: (required, but may be empty) a whitespace-separated
                list of migration names on which the migration
                depends; these names are the migration filenames
                without the filename extension

       Created: The UTC date and time at which this migration was

         Apply: The SQL necessary to apply this migration to the

        Revert: (optional) The SQL necessary to revert this migration
                from the database

The format of this file is somewhat flexible; please see the YAML 1.2
format specification for a full description of syntax features.  I
recommend appending "|" to the Apply and Revert fields if they contain
multi-line SQL that you want to keep that way, e.g.,

  Apply: |

  Revert: |
    DROP TABLE foo;
    DROP TABLE bar;

Note that this is only *necessary* when concatenating the lines would
have a different meaning, e.g.,

    -- Comment here

Without "|" on the "Apply:" line, the above text would be collapsed to
"-- Comment here CREATE TABLE;" which is probably not what you want.
For a full treatment of this behavior, see the YAML spec.

moo: the management tool

This package includes one program, "moo".  For information about moo's
usage and features, please see the file MOO.TXT.


If you've obtained this package in source form and would like to
install it, you'll need the "cabal" program.  To install this package,

  cabal install

Getting the source

If you've obtained this package by some other means and would like to
get a copy of the source code, you can do so with darcs:

  darcs get

For more information about the "darcs" revision control system, please

Submitting patches

I'll gladly consider accepting patches to this package; please do not
hesitate to send them to me with "darcs send", or mail them to me
manually (see below).  If you'd like to send me a patch, I'll be more
likely to accept it if you can follow these guidelines where

  - Keep patches small; a single patch should make a single logical
    change with minimal scope.

  - If possible, include tests with your patch.

  - If possible, include haddock with your patch.

Submitting bug reports and feedback

If you've found a bug or would like to provide any feedback on the
design, implementation, or behavior of this library or its programs,
please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

  drcygnus AT gmail DOT com