A Chrome extension to restore the option to turn off "hyperlink auditing".


In 2019, Chrome, Safari and other major web browsers which are not Firefox have decided to remove the anti-tracking, anti-DDoS feature to disable hyperlink auditing (<a ping="...">). This Chrome extension removes the ping attribute from all hyperlinks on any page you visit to avoid these annoyances.

Available from the Chrome Web Store

Google has surprisingly decided to allow this extension in its store. Thus, you can install it from here.

Donations (optional)

Unping all the links! is free software by the terms of the WTFPL. As some people - including myself - like to contribute money for a good cause anyway, here are two possible options for you:

Both Kākāpō Recovery and the WWF do a pretty good job at trying to keep species alive. You are invited to join their efforts.

Yes, I like money as well.

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