Library of common modules for KitchenSnitch (Haskell)




Library of common modules for KitchenSnitch (Haskell)



Configuration and execution

Building from source

Make sure you have ghc 7.10.x, cabal-install and darcs installed.

Update your cabal list

$ cabal update

And install some native deps that cabal can't do for you

On Ubuntu:

# apt-get install --reinstall g++ 
# apt-get install libzip-dev

On Arch Linux:

# pacman -S libzip

Get the ks-libary source code

$ darcs get

Update your cabal library and tools, we need a modern version

$ cabal install Cabal cabal-install

Set up a sandbox for building (if you wish to use a sandbox)

$ mkdir ~/.cabal/sandbox
$ cabal sandbox init --sandbox=$HOME/.cabal/sandbox/kitchensnitch

Then install the dependencies

$ cabal install --enable-tests --only-dep

This will build for quite some time, when it's done, you can build ks-download:

Building for development

$ cabal configure --enable-tests
$ cabal build
$ cabal test

And you should be good for development from here.

Later, to install into the sandbox (so other project can use this library):

$ cabal install


Reporting Bugs


Dino Morelli