LIst of VIDeos media browse/playback web app (Haskell, Coffeescript)




LIst of VIDeos media browse/playback web app (Haskell, Coffeescript)


livid is a web application for browsing a directory tree of video files, launching playback and later deleting those files if desired. It's designed to be run locally on a system from within a gui environment so it can launch a video player application (like vlc, for example).

This application uses a vaguely-RESTful interface between the client and server. The client is a single-page design, with data encoded in JSON.

Getting source

Get the source with darcs:

$ darcs get

Or browse the source


The server is written in Haskell. To build it:

$ stack build

The client is written in Coffeescript. To build it:

$ cake build

Upon successful compilation, you can start the server:

$ ./ start|stop|restart

And then load the client in your browser:


In the client UI, navigate with the mouse or arrow keys, press Enter to play a video and Del or d to delete a file.

Various configuration options can be adjusted in the file livid.conf such as HTTP port, directories to scan for files as well as file types and video playback command.


Reporting Bugs

Dino Morelli <>


Dino Morelli <>
Betty Diegel <>