Miscellaneous scripts (bash, Haskell, Perl)




Miscellaneous scripts (bash, Haskell, Perl)


This is a project for collecting those single-file scripts that we all end up writing over time. You want to use version control, but it's just one file. They stay in this project until they become big enough to have a project of their own.

Some of the more useful scripts in this repo

Much of this is specific to something I needed, but some of these may be of use to you.

  • burn-cd - Perform the common-case CD burning I often need
  • burn-dvd - Perform the common-case DVD burning I often need
  • cdcheck - Thoroughly check the contents of a CD or DVD using md5sum
  • clrvimtmp - List and optionally remove Vim swap files
  • diceware - Generate passphrases using the Diceware method
  • disp - Change active video outputs using xrandr, for docking laptops
  • dpi.hs - Calculate DPI from screen resolution and screen size
  • epochconv.hs - Show a given date (or the current date) in a variety of formats
  • exifsetdate - Set a file's Exif.Image.DateTime to a specific value
  • finddate - Recursively list all files with last modified datetime, sorted
  • ghc-uninst - 'clean' removal of globally-installed GHC packages
  • hstestbuild - Perform a test build on a Haskell package to ensure it's complete
  • kickmutt - Kill unresponsive mutt and blow away the temp files
  • md2html - Convert Markdown to HTML with Pandoc
  • megawho - Check registration of domain names
  • mkcarepkg - Make a 'care package' of files from your home directory, for getting up to speed on a new system
  • mountiso - Mount an iso image to /mnt
  • sendme - Send yourself a simple email from the shell
  • sshtun - Establish a persistent SSH tunnel on a remote system
  • withmount.hs - Mount a filesystem, perform the supplied shell command, unmount it
  • ziptest.sh - Test a zip file for damage

Getting source

Get the source with darcs:

$ darcs get http://hub.darcs.net/dino/scripts

Or browse the source


Dino Morelli <dino@ui3.info>