My personal xmonad and xmobar configuration (Haskell)


xmonad-xmobar config


My personal xmonad and xmobar configuration (Haskell)


Because I use them together, I keep the configuration for both xmonad and xmobar in the same .xmonad directory. This is a repo of my work on these files.

The PNG files in util/resources are the sources of the XPM bitmaps in resources. You can use these to work on artwork if you like.

Getting it

If you want to use this repo as-is, not just for inspiration, it's intended to be cloned into the customary .xmonad dot-directory. A symlink can then be used to let xmobar find its config file. Do this:

$ cd
$ darcs clone .xmonad
$ ln -s .xmonad/xmobarrc .xmobarrc

You will then need to edit the iconRoot field in .xmonad/xmobarrc to reflect your home directory.

Icon artwork and licensing

All of the icon artwork originals (in the util/resources directory) were acquired from IconArchive with the exception of gnome_cpu_24.png, which came from They were then converted to XPM by me with the GIMP.

The original PNG files are included and the breakdown of licensing for these files is as follows:

icon original                    author               license
actions-arrow-down-icon_24.png   Oxygen Team          LGPL
actions-arrow-up-icon_24.png     Oxygen Team          LGPL
arch-linux-icon_24.png           Fatcow Web Hosting   CC BY 4.0
battery-full-icon_24.png         Fatcow Web Hosting   CC BY 4.0
battery-plug-icon_24.png         Fatcow Web Hosting   CC BY 4.0
calendar-clock-icon_24.png       paomedia             public domain
drop-icon_24.png                 paomedia             public domain
gnome_cpu_24.png                 AMAZIGH Aneglus      GPL
harddisk-icon_24.png             Oxygen Team          LGPL
memory-icon_24.png               Double-J Design      CC BY 4.0
network-icon_24.png              Iconshock            free for non-commercial use
sun-rain-icon_24.png             Fatcow Web Hosting   CC BY 4.0
thermometer-icon_24.png          Aha-Soft             CC BY 4.0
ubuntu-icon-circle-white_24      Martz90              CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
ubuntu-icon-multi_24             Saki                 GPL

Author pages, where available:


Building from source

Around 2017-06-26 I experienced a build failure on Arch Linux with stale libraries in the default, systemwide ghc. There were linker errors in the xmonad.errors build log. Some searching brought me to this page and it may be good to keep this around, an "emergency" dynamic binary compilation command:

  $ cd ~/.xmonad
  $ ghc --make xmonad.hs -i -ilib -dynamic -fforce-recomp -main-is main -v0 -o xmonad-x86_64-linux


Dino Morelli <>