Automatically generates SlackBuild files from a cabal package (for Slackware Linux) (


% HSlackBuilder
% Andrea Rossato, Damon Unrix


[HSlackBuilder] is a simple application, at the present time only
`cabal2slackBuild`, that will generate all needed scripts to build
from the source a [Hackage] package released in the [Cabal] format and
create a [Slackware] package to be install with [Slackware] `pkgtools`.


[HSlackBuilder] can be downloaded from [Hackage]:

The darcs code can be retrieved from here:

        darcs get


To install simply run:

        tar xvfz hslackbuilder-0.0.4.tar.gz
        cd hslackbuilder-0.0.4
        runhaskell Setup.lhs configure --user
        runhaskell Setup.lhs build
        runhaskell Setup.lhs install --user


Given a [Cabal] package named `example-0.1.tar.gz`, run:

        cabal2slackBuild example-0.1.tar.gz

This will generate:

If `cabal2slackBuild` is run with the `-r` option also a
`slack-required` will be generated. This file will contain *only* the
[Haskell] packages needed for compiling `example`. If one of these
packages is missing, instead of producing the slackBuild scripts,
`cabal2slackBuild` will produce a warning.

This is the output of `cabal2slackBuild -h`

    Usage: cabal2slackBuild [OPTION...] FILE
    The file must be a .tar.gz of a cabal package.
      -h, -?           --help                       This help
      -V               --version                    Show version information
      -b build number  --build-number=build number  The build number
      -t tag name      --tag-name=tag name          The name of the builder
      -l               --link                       The Haddock documentation will link the source code
      -p               --profile                    Build libraries with profiling information
      -n               --no-shared                  Do not build with shared libraries
      -w               --without-prefix             Do not use a 'haskell-' prefix in package name
      -r               --required                   Generate a slack-required from the dependency field
      -c path to css   --hs-colour=path to css      The source code will be colorize with hs-colour

Default tag name is `hsb', for script published at use
"-t _SBo" option please.

Known Bugs and Issues

1. At the present time no [Haddock] documentation is generated for
executables. See:

2. [Haddock]- doesn't support the `--hoogle` option anymore.

3. The [Cabal] `haddock --hyperlink-source` option seems to be broken:

Please report bugs to:

         dunrix29a AT gmail . com


Andrea Rossato

`andrea.rossato AT unibz . it`

Damon Unrix

`dunrix29a AT gmail . com`


This software is released under a BSD-style license. See LICENSE for
more details.

Copyright © 2007 Andrea Rossato
Copyright © 2015 Damon Unrix