This is a work in progress. Eventually, it might play background music for you
that encodes useful information like the time of day or tomorrow's weather. For
now, it's just a collection of sounds and melodies I've made while


* cabal-install (Haskell's package manager).

* The sndio library (used to play sound). The package might be called
  "libsndio-dev" or something similar.

To hear sounds, run the test_sounds binary. You can run it using Cabal,
Haskell's package manager. For example, run:

  cabal run .:test_sounds -- shepard_timer

to hear the "shepard_timer" sound. Run it without arguments (cabal run
.:test_sounds) to see a usage message that includes a list of names of sounds,
and to learn how to save the sound (as raw samples) instead of playing it.