Handling positions in plain text (http://rel4tion.org/projects/text-position)


This is a small Haskell library for tagging plain text and token streams with
positions - line, column and character numbers. These are useful for locating
lexer errors, debugging and more.

See the .cabal file for more info and link to project website the version

The official download locations are:

- The project website
- Torrents
- Hackage

This library is free software, and is committed to software freedom. It is
released to the public domain using the CC0 Public Domain Dedication. For the
boring "legal" details see the file 'COPYING'.

See the file 'INSTALL' for hints on installation. The file 'ChangeLog' explains
how to see the history log of the changes done in the code. 'NEWS' provides a
friendly overview of the changes for each release.