Miscellaneous Emacs extensions


This is a collection of (mostly rather old) Emacs modes and utilities
that either didn't get into Emacs or were too specialized.  See also
the parallel vc-darcs and multi-mode repos.

autocap.el --- auto-capitalize beginning of sentences

cif.el --- major mode for editing (mm?)CIF files
  For crystallographic use; probably needs updating

fwd-back-mouse.el --- use a five-button mouse for history navigation

homoglyph-display.el --- display assorted non-ASCII homoglyphs/homographs specially

indent-tabs-maybe.el --- guess whether to use indent

int32.el --- manipulation of large integers for 32-bit systems

ldap-mode.el --- major modes for editing LDAP schema and LDI

ldif-ns.el --- convert name service records to LDIF records

maths-menu.el --- insert maths characters from a menu

pair-mode.el --- insertion of paired characters

pdb.el --- Editing Protein Databank files
  For crystallographic use

phrase.el --- movement by `phrases' in text

protect-files.el --- hooks and minor mode to avoid modifying files

rfcview.el -- view IETF RFCs with readability-improved formatting
  Update of van Dyke's original

show-help-tty.el --- echo help text when possible on tty displays

uniesc.el --- processing Java-style Unicode character escapes