Tool for directly operating on the internals of a darcs repo


darcs-repo-internals is a tool for inspecting and manipulating the contents
of the _darcs directory, independent of darcs itself.

It's mainly intended for darcs developers who need to inspect the internals
of a repository or manipulate it directly to make test cases etc.

I also plan to develop it into a "repository obfuscator" that may help
with sending bug reports etc where the repository with the problem is private.


darcs-repo-internals decode repo repo-decoded

 - given a darcs repo in directory 'repo', make a copy in 'repo-decoded' where
   the internal files have been converted into a human readable form and
   redundant information has generally been removed - for example patch,
   inventory and pristine files are unzipped and don't have "hashed" names.
   The (file) index and the patch index are decoded into text.

darcs-repo-internals encode repo-decoded repo2

 - given a "decoded repository" in 'repo-decoded' - i.e. the output of
   'darcs-repo-internals decode' or something in the same format - make a normal
   darcs repository in "repo2"

darcs-repo-internals check repo

 - do some consistency checks on a darcs repo. Like 'darcs check' but the set
   of checks is different and the implementation is independent.

'encode-alt' and 'decode-alt' are variants of 'encode' and 'decode'.