HTabDyn, a hybrid logic and relation-changing logic tableau prover

HTabDyn is a tableau-based satisfiability checker. It currently handles the hybrid logic H(:,E,down-arrow) with role inclusions, and terminates on input within any fragments that exclude the down-arrow operator.

Relevant references for HTabDyn are [1] and [2] for the general tableau algorithm and [3] for the pattern-based blocking and lazy branching technique currently used.


Download the source code of HTabDyn either using Darcs:

darcs clone --lazy

Or downloading the source code as a zip file and unpacking it.

Compiling and using

To build HTabDyn, you will need GHC and either cabal-install or stack. Dependencies, including hylolib, will be downloaded and compiled automatically.

A help is available by running:

htabdyn --help

Example of use with Relation-Changing formulas

The --translate flag interprets input formulas as Relation-Changing ones, and translates them to Hybrid Logic. There is no guarantee that HTab will terminate on such formulas since they are translated to HL(:,E,down-arrow).

Example formulas are provided in the ./rc/.

The following command runs the translation and hybrid tableau algorithm on the input formula swap_no_tree introduced in [3] :

htabdyn --translate -f rc/swap_no_tree.frm

Since the translation preserve equivalence, it is interesting to have a look at the model created from an open branch.

The -m mod flag writes a model into the mod file (if the formula is satisfiable). It does so in a specific format undestandable by HTab and Hylolib. Using the -d flag, one can ask Htab to generate the model into the dot graphviz format:

htabdyn --translate -f rc/swap_no_tree.frm -d -m mod
dot mod -Tpdf -O
evince mod.pdf

If some relation-changing formula makes HTab run forever, you may want to use the flag --sembranch=no to disable the semantic branching technique, which can be problematic in the presence of many nominals and binders:

htabdyn --translate -f rc/swap_diamond.frm --sembranch=no -d -m mod

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