Picross v1.6 for CrASH, CrASH19006, Venus and ION

		(C) 1999 by Andreas Ess of Icarus Productions

			82 Port by: Sam Heald

			83 Port by: Ahmed El-Helw
			web:	http:/

			Crash(19006)/Venus 2.3/ION Port by : Guillaume Hoffmann

	NOTE: Press MODE to pause the game and view your stats! There is a
		score, a hiscore, and level numbers!

	Picross is a puzzler game originally found on the Nintendo Gameboy.
Your goal is to draw an image according to numbers. This may sound simple,
but with images getting harder and time getting shorter, you'll soon see that
this game isn't easy at all...

NOTE: This TI-82 version is recoded from scratch. No levels are shared with
the original Gameboy version.

	Use the arrow keys to move the little arrow on the play field, MODE
key to pause/view stats and CLEAR to quit. Using the 2ND key, you can toggle
a tile. You can press any key to view the numbers displays on the left and
top if they disappear too quickly. But you should be aware of the digits at
the left and at the top of the screen. These digits (1-F) indicate the number
of adjacent black fields. So if you would move to some line, and the
information on the left would say for instance: "2 5", then you'd know that
there's first two black fields, and after some space, another five adjacent
black fields. Inside an 8x8 board, the solution to this is obvious: XX.XXXXX
	Of course, it's not as simple as that all of the time, you also have
to watch the vertical numbers to complete the image correctly. When
attempting to set a tile at a wrong place, "MISS!" will be displayed and
you'll loose 5 seconds.
	The game consists of 100 levels, there are 80 8x8 levels, but latter
20 levels are 16x16.

1.0b   Release 1   August 16, 1998
- First 82 release

1.0b   Release 2   August 17, 1998
- Fixed Time's Up Lock up bug
- Saved 345 bytes! Thanks Wouter!
- Some other stuff

1.0b   Release 3   August 20, 1998
- Fixed MISS lock up bug
- Fixed level 44 lock up bug
- Fixed inverted text
- Removed black border on right side(too ugly!)
- Numbers stay on screen longer!
- Saved 75 bytes!

1.0 August 25, 1998
- Fixed 16x16 levels lock up bug
- Fixed time after finished delay
- Some other bug fixes

1.1 September 4, 1998
- Added new 46 levels
- Fixed Bottom right screen display bug

1.2 February 4, 1999
- Saved 675 bytes!!!
- Vertical & Horizontal information remain on the screen
- SIZE: 3250 bytes 

1.3 March 7, 1999
- Saved 2 bytes
- A bug in information on 16x16 sprite corrected (by Eric Piel)
- Source code released! (thank you Andreas)
- SIZE: 3248 bytes

1.3 August 26, 1999
- Re-ported to the 83
- Released source code
- Size: 3278 bytes

1.4 May 26, 2003
- ported to Venus 2.3/ION
- optimized
- SIZE: 3171 (83) 3138 (83+)

1.5 June 6, 2003
- optimized (can't be smaller)
- SIZE: 3136 (83) 3098 (83+)

1.6 November 11,2003
- ported to TI-82 (CrASH/CrASH19006)
- SIZE: 3141 (82) 3124 (83) 3088 (83+)

Thanks go to:
Nintendo         - original game
Ahmed El-Helw    - Beta testing and suggestions
Bryan Rabeler    - Beta testing
Wouter Demuynck  - Helped a lot with the interrupt routine! (later removed)
                   And helped with the bug fixes!
Patrick Davidson - Allowed me to use some Galaxian and Pac-Man sprites
Derrick Ward     - Allowed me to use some FrAWgGuts sprites
Harper Maddox    - Allowed me to use the awesome and incredibly hard Zelda 
                   82/83 16 x 16 sprites!

Have a nice puzzling!
	Andreas / Sam / Ahmed / Guillaume