Some quick and dirty utilities that do not deserve a dedicated repository



Some quick and dirty utilities that do not deserve a dedicated repository. Most of them are tailored to my personal needs and are not really intended for a generic usage without some sort of customization.


A dircolors (from GNU coreutils) alternative for being used with FreeBSD/DragonFly BSD's ls.


A shell script using cdebootstrap for quick creation of Debian/Ubuntu chroots for schroot.

Includes a custom configuration for cdebootstrap. Additional supported flavours are: generic and devel.


A simple (and sample) shell wrapper around maildirsync for synchronizing maildirs with a remote host.

Supports multiple configuration files in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mdsync/.

Not used anymore as I've now definitively switched to syncmaildir.


A small shell script for sensibly selecting and spawning an appropriate X terminal emulator (à la sensible-utils).

It does not detect loops (i.e.: when called recursively via a mis-configured XTERM environment variable) and in this cases it works pretty much like a fork bomb. Don't try this at home.


Quick and dirty shell script for enabling/disabling the laptop's touchpad in X. Wish I had a pointing stick like good ol' ThinkPads.


A simple Perl script for downloading videos from YouTube and similar sites. Uses quvi and wget (or curl).

Does not work nor is needed with "recent" versions of quvi (just use quvi get).