improved plain text editor for Standard Notes


Standard Notes Nimble Editor

A simple text editor for the Standard Notes app, based off a clone of the Indent Editor (v1.4.3). — please see that project for a fuller description of the underlying editor. The Nimble editor adds the following:

  • Colored headings (utilizing the --sn-stylekit-info-color from the current theme).
  • a slight increase in lineheight for blank lines
  • enumerated list entry continuation: when entering an enumerated list, upon hitting enter, the next line will preserve indentation level and auto-increment the list-item number. (note: moving, deleting, removing list items will not result in any kind of automatic re-numbering). This now includes integer numbered lists, or lists with single-letter designates.
  • language names may follow the opening triple backticks of a code block.

You can try out the editor demo in your browser.

Installing in Standard Notes

In the Standard Notes app (web app or desktop), hit the "Extension" button (lower left), then hit the "Import Extension" button of the pop-up (lower right) and paste this link: into the input field and hit Enter. Confirm the install, and close the extensions pop-up and the SN Nimble Editor should be available in the list of editors.

Self hosting or dev

The repo is a darcs repo, so you can clone it with darcs, or just download a zip of the repo from sn-nimble-editor sources zip. Instructions for installing, building and testing are the same as outlined at the Indent Editor site.