New new new try at implementing Global Script in Haskell. Compiles Global Script to 'byte-code' written in the IO monad (


This is *alpha quality* software.
It works for me on my machine; it hasn't been tested on anything else.
Use at your own risk.

This is pretty self-explanatory to me, but if it isn't to you:

You will need Plan 9 from User Space, here: .

You also will need the language spec, here: (Darcs Hub) or here: (GitHub).
The language spec should go in a parallel directory to this checkout.


    GS_SPEC=whereever you put the globalscript-spec checkout

Then run

    sh setup

to test and build this checkout.

To run a Global Script program, wrap it in

import GSI.Env (runGSProgram)

main = runGSProgram $ [gs:value|
    -- Global Script code goes here

, save that to a .hsgs file, then run

    $HSGLOBALSCRIPT/bin/hsgs2hs $foo.hsgs
    ghc -package-env=$HSGLOBALSCRIPT/package.env --make foo.hs -o foo

to compile and run it.