Memory Description Language, intended for writing Global Script interpreters and runtime systems in (


This is the memory-description language,
intended as a 'better C' specifically for writing Global Script interpreters
and runtime systems.

Specific advantages of mdl:

* Garbage collection (the same garbage collector as Global Script)
* Green threads (eventually this will be the same green thread system as Global Script:
  map Global Script threads 1-1 onto mdl threads, then
  map mld threads n-m onto kernel threads)
* Inline arrays (arrays are value types, not reference types, and can be included in structs)
* Multiple variable-sized arrays inline in a single struct
  (e.g., BCOs have an array of global variables then a separate array of subcodes;
  mdl will be able to do the complex address arithmetic to access them despite them being variable-sized)
* Arrays of variable-sized objects, suitable for implementing stacks or Global Scripts' byte code

I'm not aware of any other low-level language with all of those features,
or even attempting to provide them.

This is *alpha quality* software.
It works for me on my machine; it hasn't been tested on anything else.
Use at your own risk.