timezone-olson (http://hackage.haskell.org/package/timezone-olson)


timezone-olson version 0.1.0

This package provides a parser and renderer for binary Olson timezone
files whose format is specified by the tzfile(5) man page on Unix-like
systems. For more information about this format, see
<http://www.twinsun.com/tz/tz-link.htm>. Functions are provided for
converting the parsed data into 'TimeZoneSeries' objects from the
timezone-series package. On many platforms, binary Olson timezone
files suitable for use with this package are available in the
directory /usr/share/zoneinfo and its subdirectories on your computer.

This version of timezone-olson is highly experimental.  Expect there
to be bugs, and do not rely on any stability of the exposed

Copyright (c) 2010 Yitzchak Gale. All rights reserved.
For licensing information, see the BSD3-style license in the file
LICENSE that was originally distributed by the author together with
this file.

This package is part of the time-ng project:

Send suggestions, bug reports, and patches to:


To install the latest version of this package, make sure that
cabal-install is installed on your system (it is if you have installed
the Haskell Platform) and type the commands:

cabal update
cabal install timezone-olson


This package also provides two Haskell files, each of which can be
compiled into a command-line utility that might be helpful for testing

zhdump.hs: A clone of zdump(8), including most of its bugs, that
           is usually present on systems that have an Olson timezone
           database, except hzdump takes paths to timezone files
           instead of timezone identifiers on the command line.

catTZ:     Read and parse a timezone file, then render it. With the
           -i flag, interprets the timezone data as a TimeZoneSeries
           object before rendering.