GenI natural language generator (fork of kowey's GenI)  (


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  2. manual
  3. API

Installing GenI

(tested on Linux, Windows, and MacOS X)

Install the basic version first

cabal install

Try installing the graphical interface

cabal install ./geni-gui

You may run into some trouble with wxHaskell. Get in touch if that's the case.


I accept Darcs patches and GitHub pull requests. The Darcs repository might be a bit ahead of the Git one, but I'll try to keep the mirror up to date.


Please follow published style guide. There is quite a bit of old code that does not follow this. Sorry. I'm slowly working on transitioning it.


  • Stable version has even minor number (eg. 0.22.x)
  • Development version has odd minor number (eg 0.23.yyyymmdd) Sometimes with a datestamp for major API changes in between
  • NEWS file will probably mention the next release (eg. 0.24)

Contact us!

Please let us know if you are using GenI; we'd like to hear about your experiences, both positive and negative.