===== R A S E N S C H A C H ======

Single player, mouse controlled soccer game with simple graphics and flexible, 
extensible AI. Based on the Yampa arcade.


q/Q          Move designated player (marked with !) to goal / to me
w/W          Move designated player to left / right
e/E          Move designated player forward / backward
a/A          Pass low / high (hold key for faster pass)
s/S          Kick low / high (hold key for faster kick)
d/D          Flip ball to designated player
SPACE        toggle ball from one side to other

Move         User controlled player follows mouse pointer
Left button  Select nearest player
Wheel        Zoom in / out

Item	Description	
19	define bouncing logic for goal post
20	add stunning logic (probably on hard collision?)
24	enhance defensive ai: attack when near own goal
46	player who kicked off or threw in etc. can not be the first to touch the ball
47	controlled player can aim for throw in (follow up to 37)
48	if controlled player throws in, then stop other player moving_to_throwin from grabbing the ball
49	Bug: if team consists solely of non AI players, this line in ObjectBehaviour / player blows: let np = nearestNonAIPlayer myTeam vss pd
51	for testing, it would be good to have an editor of some kind for game situations (player position,heading and speed, dito for ball)
52	Grid: If no best spot computable throws exception. Better to return „Maybe Spot“
61	Bug: On throw in, player sometime comes to take the ball but then does not throw in
67	add one-two (doppelpass) functionality
68	add pass-to-shoot functionality
69	enhance goalie: should not retreat to goal when player shoots
70	Bug / strange behaviour on ai passing: sometimes seems to pass to void
79	add sound 
84	render start / stop-texts