DiVinE 3.0

Please refer to `manual/building.mdwn` for build instructions.

Reference of commandline options is available with `divine help`, or in the
manual [1]. For an introduction on how to use the tool, please refer to
`manual/using.mdwn`. You can find various example models to try in the
`examples` directory.

A graphical user interface is available as part of this distribution, and will
be built by default if your system has Qt (4.5 or later) headers and libraries

Reporting Problems

The DiVinE project uses Trac for managing problem reports. If you encounter a
behaviour you believe is a bug in DiVinE, please [file a new ticket] [1] in
[DiVinE Trac] [2]. However, before reporting issues, please consider checking
if there is a more recent version available and if the issue has been reported
already (in the latter case, please add a comment to the existing ticket, that
you have encountered the issue, and if possible, any further details you may
know about the problem). Thanks in advance.

[1]: http://divine.fi.muni.cz/trac/newticket?version=2.3
[2]: http://divine.fi.muni.cz/trac/

Obtaining New Versions

The latest release is always available through our homepage [3]. Instructions
on how to obtain development snapshots can be found in the file `HACKING` or
online [4].

[3]: http://divine.fi.muni.cz/
[4]: http://divine.fi.muni.cz/development.html


The source code comes with NO WARRANTY, as detailed in the licence texts, which
may be found in the file "COPYING" in the distribution tarball. The tool is a
product of The ParaDiSe Laboratory, Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk

This distribution includes freely redistributable third-party
code. Please refer to AUTHORS and COPYING included in the distribution
for copyright and licensing details.